Euphorbia Milii 'Crown of Thorns / Christ Plant / Christ Thorn'

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Euphorbia Milii is a very popular indoor plant. This is due to its frugality on the one hand and its pretty little pseudo-blossoms on the other hand, which are no real flowers in the proper meaning of the word, but spathaceous bracts located on the shoot tips. They tirelessly appear almost all the year. In the case of indoor cultivation, it can grow to lush small bushes.

Euphorbia milii is a very unpretentious and easy-care plant which will forgive one or two mistakes in cultivation. That makes it a perfect plant for beginners.

This plant is a true sun-worshipper. The more intense and constant the sun exposure, the more intense the flowering and the longer the flowering period. Even the bright midday sun can not harm this decorative plant. In semi-shaded locations, the growth of blossoms is significantly reduced.

Warm rooms with normal room temperature and low humidity are perfect. The air should be dry rather than too humid and the temperatures should not drop below 15 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the Christ plant would throw off its leaves.

(This plant has been growing in a 130mm pot)

(Plant will be shipped semi bare rooted)

You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture.

Please note: Colours of plants can change according to the season or day length.
Sizes can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than photo.

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Awesome Service

I have both stopped by Crazy Plants People HQ and had plants delivered. Both awesome experiences. Cant wait to collect more plants from Barbie and co. Thank you.

Again and again ;)

Again a healthy plant arrived in great packaging to brighten up my day. Thank you for sending it Express so I would have it for Easter. A very kind unexpected gesture!

Glenda Hackett-Saunders

Thanks for the prompt delivery of healthy, well packed plants, and thank you
also for the refund of the extra delivery charge...
Very happy…

Great quality plants

Excellent service. Great quality plants. I will shop again.


This was part of my first purchase from Crazy Plant People and I have to say that I am absolutely blown away with the quality of their service. I bought 3 plants and they came wrapped impeccably, the plants weren't even a little bit crushed or damaged, and they even came with a cute handwritten note. This 'String of Tears' was SO much bigger than I had expected. Usually when you order plants online, you just get a tiny little cutting, but this hangs way off the pot I've put it in, and I am so happy with the condition of the plant as well. This product shipped in 3 days to me, which I thought was very fast. The price was very reasonable, and I'm just so in love with my new plants. 10/10 would recommend to all of my plant loving friends!


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Really good!

My plants arrived in perfect health!

In awe!!!

I was more than excited to open my Crazy Plant People package this morning! With quick shipping, my plants arrived so happy and made me the same! Always such a pleasure adopting my plant babies from Barbie. Thanks again for a wonderful day guys!!

Love my new plant

Received my string of turtles. Very happy with plant and service. Thank you.

Great Quality

This was the first time I ordered plants online so obviously I was a little sceptical about the quality but Barbie packaged all three of my plants so well they arrived in great condition. Will definitely come back again!!

Awesome Service

I have both stopped by Crazy Plants People HQ and had plants delivered. Both awesome experiences. Cant wait to collect more plants from Barbie and co. Thank you.